About my Art

Painting is an adventure, like a journey into an unknown landscape. It begins with the open whiteness of the canvas, or paper.

The first explorations start with colors, lines, sand, ashes… a composition slowly  awakes and color dynamics start.

These movements are always directed by my inner thoughts. Perhaps a fascination with a particular color, a poem, some lines I read, or reflections on certain life events… maybe a dream.  Soon, a dialogue begins.  I start conversing with what is coming into being on the canvas. This process is part of a journey which can be described as “the deepening of the materials”.  It can be a playful process—  allowing chaos to take place, in order to discover new perspectives on what I am creating.

Abstract art means the freedom to explore the colors as living entities, freeing them from the fixed identity they have had in our day to day life.

Lines, colors, forms, dimensions and composition meet in a creative dynamic that I would describe in this way:

A line is jumping over the canvas… it becomes playful, explosive, changing directions and thus forming creative clusters.

Then colors show up, and enter this playful world: expanding and adding new dimensions. Colors produce order and composition, as they engage with the lines— diminishing them, or expanding them.  Colors bring warmth, power, and energy to the painting.  They might be thickly painted and dense, or translucent.

In this way dimensions in the painting develop—  the two-dimensional canvas is left behind and new spaces open up.

Often I use collage: adding meaningful elements of writing fragments, articles, or papers— transforming them into something new.

Finding lightness, openness, poetry and warmth is something I seek in my painting.

Finally a new painting is born.  An inner idea, journeyed through a creative process involving line, color, form, and dimension, is then, itself, announced ready to travel into the world.